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RIGI-I Pathway

RIG-I Pathway

The RIG-I pathway has been well studied in infectious diseases. The immune stimulation, inflammation and cell death mechanisms can be also exploited to kill tumor cells, trigger an immune response and turn cold tumors hot. Kineta’s small molecule drugs trick tumor cells into thinking they are infected with a virus, an effective anti-tumor mechanism.

Kineta’s small molecule RIG-I agonists can shift the treatment paradigm by linking direct tumor cell killing and immune cell activation. In tumor cells, RIG-I agonists may cause regression and immunity through two mechanisms:

  1. Elicit immunogenic tumor cell death that directly kills the tumor and primes the immune system
  2. Activate immune cells and promote dendritic cell maturation important for generating anti-tumor T cell responses

This dual drug mechanism and strong selectivity in tumor cells makes Kineta’s RIG-I program unique and differentiated from other immunotherapies in development. Additionally, Kineta’s small molecule approach is further differentiated from competitors due to the potential of administering orally or intravenously.