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Innate Immune Antivirals

Novel Broad Spectrum Antivirals

Kineta is developing first in class broad spectrum antivirals to treat a broad array of antiviral pathogens. Our innate immune antiviral program utilizes our proprietary AViiD™ discovery platform to identify compounds with a novel mechanism of action that activate the RIG-I pathway and IRF-3. The innate immune transcription factor IRF-3 is a critical first responder that is essential for inhibiting viral replication and clearing infection. Kineta’s small molecule compounds function by activating IRF-3 transcription factor within infected cells and initiating a broad antiviral cascade that results in clearance of infection.

Unlike direct acting antivirals, these host directed compounds have demonstrated in vitro efficacy across a broad spectrum of viruses including the following:

  • Emerging viruses including Ebola, Dengue Fever, Nipah, West Nile, and Japanese Encephalitis viruses
  • Respiratory viruses including Influenza and RSV
  • Hepatitis B & C

By activating the body’s natural host immune defenses, Kineta’s antiviral compounds may lower the risk of eliciting a drug resistant virus. These novel drug compounds are in preclinical development as a first-line oral or IV treatment for multiple viral infections. No equivalent drug currently exists in the market.

Emerging infectious diseases are infectious viruses that have recently appeared in a population or have existed but are rapidly increasing in incidence or geographic range. The recent Zika virus outbreak and Ebola epidemic in 2014 were the largest in history. These viruses were not well known prior to their outbreak. They created a significant biodefense and global health crisis and illustrate the extraordinary need to develop novel new antivirals that can combat potential viral outbreaks. Kineta’s broad spectrum antivirals offer the potential to address multiple priority pathogens with one therapy.