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About Kineta


To develop novel immuno-therapies that transform patients’ lives

About Us

Kineta is a privately held emerging biotech company that was founded in 2008.  Our mission is to develop novel immuno-therapies that transform patients’ lives.  Kineta has established a focused pipeline of life improving therapies that address critical unmet patient needs.  We have leveraged our expertise in immunology to advance novel drug development programs in oncology, neuroscience and virology.

We actively collaborate with a broad array of private, government and industry partners to advance our innovative research. Kineta fills a void in the biopharmaceutical industry by efficiently advancing first in class immunotherapies from discovery to clinical proof of concept.

Meet Our Team

Kineta is led by a team with diverse talents who are recognized for their expertise in drug development and their success in bringing novel new therapies to market.

Shawn Iadonato, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Shawn Iadonato serves as Kineta’s Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Iadonato is a co-founder of Kineta and previously served as Chief Scientific Officer. Under his leadership as CSO, the Kineta pipeline expanded to include the AViiD™ Screening Platform and five novel drug and vaccine programs with a focus on autoimmune diseases, antivirals and chronic pain.

Prior to founding Kineta, Dr. Iadonato co-founded and served as CSO of Illumigen Biosciences, Inc. At Illumigen Biosciences, he pioneered their patented drug discovery platform which relied upon recruitment and screening of healthy populations and elucidation of their shared “wellness” genes. Dr. Iadonato also led the successful discovery and preclinical development of Illumigen’s anti-hepatitis C drug, which ultimately led to the sale of the company in December, 2007 to Cubist Pharmaceuticals (now part of Merck & Co.). Before Illumigen, Dr. Iadonato managed the Human Genome Center at the University of Washington. He is co-inventor on more than 35 U.S. patents or patent applications. He is Principal Investigator or co-Investigator on numerous ongoing government grants and contracts. Dr. Iadonato received a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of Washington and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Craig W. Philips

Craig Philips serves as the President of Kineta. He has over 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience at both Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and smaller biotech companies. Mr. Philips has been with Kineta since 2013 in different executive management roles.

Prior to joining Kineta, Mr. Philips was President at CTI Biopharma a NASDAQ listed clinical and commercial stage oncology company where he led the commercial and clinical activities in the US and EU. Additionally, he led the business development activities and transactions of several clinical and commercial stage programs. Previously, Mr. Philips spent over 20 years with leading biopharmaceutical companies and held strategic and operational leadership roles in the US, Asia, Australia and Europe. He has spent the majority of his career in the clinical and commercial development of oncology and specialty pharmaceuticals including the launch of four new pharmaceutical products which each exceeded $1 billion in sales.

Mr. Philips sits on the board of several private biotech companies, Life Science Washington and is a commercial advisor to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and CoMotion at the University of Washington. He received a BS in Business Administration and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

Michael O. Banks
Chief Financial Officer

Mike Banks leads the financial functions for Kineta and its subsidiaries. Mr. Banks has over 35 years of financial and operational leadership experience.

Prior to joining Kineta, Mr. Banks was the CFO at Trupanion, Inc. where he led the company’s initial public offering. Before Trupanion, Mr. Banks was the CFO at Penn Millers Holding Corp where he also led that company’s initial public offering. Mr. Banks has experience with strategic planning, financial and treasury operations, investment portfolio management, public company reporting and compliance, performance management systems, capital raising and management, enterprise risk management, acquisitions and divestitures, investor relations, human resources and operating experiencing overseeing business units in the companies he has worked at.

Mr. Banks graduated from the University of Delaware and started his career working at KPMG, where he obtained his license as a CPA in New Jersey.

Kristin Bedard, Ph.D.
CSO, Immuno-Oncology and Senior Vice President Discovery

Dr. Kristin Bedard is a founding scientist at Kineta and heads discovery and research programs. This encompasses Kineta’s diverse pipeline of therapeutic and vaccine adjuvant candidates. She leads a multi-functional scientific team responsible for the selection and advancement of drug candidates focused on immunology and infectious disease. Under her direction, Kineta established the AViiD platform for identifying novel innate immune modulators including broad spectrum antivirals and vaccine adjuvants. Additionally, her team has progressed the direct-acting antiviral lead, LHF-535, into formal preclinical development for the arenavirus, Lassa Fever.

Dr. Bedard received her undergraduate degrees in Microbiology and Biochemistry at Pennsylvania State University and earned a PhD degree in Molecular Virology from University of California, Irvine where she studied the host cell- virus interactions of RNA viruses. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center studying viral induced cancers. Dr. Bedard’s work has led to three highly regarded NIH research grants and four NIH contracts for therapeutics and vaccine adjuvants. She is the co-inventor on fifteen filed U.S. patent applications for novel classes of antivirals, adjuvants, immune agonists and corresponding methods of identification. Her focus on host driven therapies is instrumental in shifting the paradigm of adjuvant and antiviral drug development strategies.

Jacques Bouchy
Senior Vice President Business Development and Corporate Communications

Jacques Bouchy heads business development and is responsible for strategic partnership and licensing initiatives at Kineta. Additionally, he is responsible for all corporate communications. Mr. Bouchy brings over twenty years of business development, sales and marketing experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Prior to joining Kineta in 2014, Mr. Bouchy held numerous roles within the commercial organizations of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. Most recently, he led payer strategy, pricing and contracting development and marketing of several mid to late stage assets at GSK. Before GSK, Mr. Bouchy led business development for Microvu, a medical claims overpayment recovery company. He started his career at Schering-Plough where he held roles of increasing responsibility in the sales and managed markets organizations. As a Managed Markets Director, he led a team that was accountable for annual product sales of ~$300M. Mr. Bouchy has successfully launched twelve new pharmaceutical products throughout his career. He served on the board of the American Lung Association’s Washington Asthma Initiative from 2003-2007. Mr. Bouchy earned a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Colorado.

P. Campion Fellin, MSE
Senior Vice President Operations

Camp Fellin heads Operations and provides leadership and guidance over all grant and contract award implementation, IT, accounting, and facilities management at Kineta. Mr. Fellin brings over 25 years of commercial operations and program management experience to Kineta and manages all of Kineta’s administrative and facilities operations.

Prior to joining Kineta, Mr. Fellin was responsible for overseeing all Bioinformatics development and Information Technology systems at Illumigen Biosciences. In earlier successes, he was responsible for multiple commercial software programs with total revenues over 30 million in program management positions at 360 Powered Corporation, WRQ, and Attachmate corporation. His products have earned multiple user interface awards from national computing magazines. At The Boeing Company, he represented the company in briefings to US Air Force General Staff and was responsible for research and development aspects of the B-1B avionics program. He earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and Masters of Software Engineering from Seattle University.

Pauline Kenny, J.D.
General Counsel

Pauline Kenny heads all legal, corporate governance and regulatory compliance initiatives at Kineta and its corporate affiliates and subsidiaries. Ms. Kenny brings over 16 years of legal experience working both in-house and as outside counsel and is admitted to practice law in Washington.

Prior to joining Kineta’s legal team in 2012, Ms. Kenny practiced law at Beacon Law Advisors, PLLC where she represented a wide variety of emerging and established companies and advised clients in areas such as debt and equity financings, licensing matters, intellectual property protection, merger and acquisition transactions, employment issues, and service agreements. Ms. Kenny has also served as in-house counsel to Sproqit Technologies, Inc., a software applications company. Ms. Kenny earned a B.A. in Communications from the University of Washington and a J.D. from Seattle University.

Ken North
Senior Vice President Corporate Development

Ken North heads corporate development and is responsible for generating financing for Kineta and its array of drug development programs. He strategically matches Kineta’s short and long-term goals with those of investors. As a member of Kineta’s executive team, Mr. North manages the finance department and also contributes to high level financial and strategic planning. He also ensures that investors are given high quality and frequent updates on Kineta’s scientific and business developments.

Prior to joining Kineta in 2008, Mr. North spent nearly thirty years managing financial institutions. Most recently, he served as founding President and CEO at Seattle Bank and was instrumental in launching and licensing the bank at its inception and leading the bank to become the nation’s most profitable bank of its size in 2007. Before that, Mr. North held key leadership positions at Metropolitan Savings Bank and was responsible for generating and managing $350 million in deposits. He gives back generously to many important community organizations holding leadership roles and serving on boards. Mr. North currently serves as president of the Seattle Kiwanis Memorial Fund, providing funding and volunteer services to disadvantaged youth and fighting against human trafficking with the development of Redlight Traffic, a first in class app for citizens to report trafficking activity anonymously to authorities.

Eric Tarcha, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President Translational Development

Dr. Eric Tarcha is a founding scientist at Kineta and heads translational development programs. This includes non-clinical and clinical activities to progress lead therapeutics through formal preclinical development and into first in man studies. He and his team are directly responsible for all in vitro and in vivo pharmacology studies including pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic characterization, toxicology, assay development, and clinical operations across all of Kineta’s development programs. Dr. Tarcha and his team are also responsible for CMC related activities including drug substance and product manufacturing, analytical assay development, formulations, and quality systems.

Dr. Tarcha received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Medical Technology and Clinical Laboratory Sciences at Michigan State University and earned his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the Medical University of Ohio at Toledo. Prior to Kineta, he was a scientist at Illumigen Biosciences leading efforts in assay development, in vivo pharmacology and process development for a novel biologic antiviral therapy.

Our Board of Directors

Ray Bartoszek

Don Merlino

Steve Mitchell

Marion Robin Foote

Richard Samuelson

Biotech Industry

Biotechnology: Saving Lives & Transforming Healthcare in the 21st Century

Modern biotechnology is a young industry. But in just a few decades, the entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers and investors working in this field have firmly established themselves at the forefront of medical innovation.

Their work is transforming the way we treat – and now even cure – patients with a wide range of once-devastating diseases. And these visionaries are only getting started. All across the country today, there is work being done in labs that, if successful, will benefit patients and society for generations to come.

The key now is to ensure that these men and women have the tools, the resources and the policy and regulatory environment they need to harness an improved understanding of science and to transform that knowledge into the cures and therapies that patients are counting on.

Punching Above Their Weight

Biotechnology’s strong track record can be traced directly to the men and women working in the field. For them, biotechnology is not just an occupation; it is a mission and a calling to solve the greatest challenges of our time: To unlock the essence of life itself and to use what they learn to treat and cure disease. These individuals are entrepreneurial. They are risk takers. They are driven by science and are stubborn in their refusal to accept human suffering or the status quo.

Their passion and perseverance is why about 70 percent of the biopharmaceutical industry’s clinical pipeline is attributed to small companies. The vast majority of the companies working on groundbreaking medical innovations in biotechnology are small, pre-revenue enterprises. Their success in getting new cures and therapies across the finish line rests on one key factor: the ability to attract the enormous amounts of private capital required to fund these challenging and incredibly risky endeavors.

This ability, in turn, depends on a public policy environment that supports innovation and incentivizes such investment, including continued advancement of scientific understanding; strong intellectual property (IP) rights and a reliable system for IP transfer, licensing, and collaboration; an efficient and predictable regulatory review process; and transparent payment systems that reward innovation and encourage free market competition.

To learn more about the impact of biotechnology on patients and society, as well as the factors needed to keep the innovation engine running strong, go to And to get recent materials about innovation and the healthcare ecosystem, go to There also is, a one-stop shop for factual information and answers to some of the most hotly debated questions regarding the role of prescription drugs in our nation’s health care system. You also can visit BIO Action, a new on-line advocacy tool that allows you to contact your federal, state or local elected officials to share your views via e-mail or social media.