Formula For Our Success

Kineta's area of specialization is translational drug development. We have refined a process of selecting high caliber early stage drug programs and efficiently advancing them into phase 1 human clinical trials.

All of Kineta’s drug programs are designed to reach valuable inflection points within three to five years, at which point they are made available for license to the larger pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The intellectual property associated with each program is held in a limited liability corporation (LLC) protecting investor value, simplifying transactions and maintaining the stability of our parent company. We believe our business model provides tremendous opportunity for the advancement of our drug programs and for strong and early returns to our investors.

Kineta is a privately held corporation that seeks aligned stakeholders who share our vision of improving human health through the development of breakthrough medicines. We encourage interested parties to learn more about Kineta. For additional information contact our Corporate Development team by sending us a message or by calling 206-378-0400