Commitment to Emerging Viruses

Global travel and economic interconnectedness make infectious disease prevention and preparedness high priorities for populations and governments throughout the world. Kineta’s pipeline is focused on meeting the growing needs for global health and biodefense preparedness.

We are applying world class scientific expertise to high priority emerging viral diseases - pathogens that disproportionately afflict the developing world. Lassa fever and Dengue fever are a few of the diseases targeted by our novel antiviral and vaccine adjuvant pipeline. The recent outbreaks of Zika virus and Ebola illustrate that these emerging viruses can create a global health crisis.

Kineta is advancing two types of antiviral drugs: LHF-535 for Lassa fever and broad spectrum antivirals that can target multiple virus families. Additionally, we are developing immune modulating vaccine adjuvants for highly pathogenic influenza can enhance the efficacy of existing vaccines through a balanced immune response while using lower vaccine doses.

Kineta envisions a future where outbreaks of emerging viral diseases can be rapidly addressed with highly effective and safe new antiviral therapies. These novel medical countermeasures that are in development hold the promise to halt the spread of disease and allow communities to return to normalcy more rapidly.