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About Kineta

Kineta, Inc. is a Seattle-based biotech company dedicated to the discovery and development of therapeutics to treat infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and chronic pain. Our innovative work environment requires employees to be independent, creative, and organized in addressing challenges and opportunities. Employees are rewarded for their contributions and are supported with a comprehensive benefits program. Kineta also provides individuals opportunities to advance their careers through exposure to all aspects of the drug development process.


Research Associate (Immunology/Vaccine Development)

Kineta is seeking an experienced scientific research associate to support the preclinical development of small molecule adjuvants. The successful candidate will be involved in the design, execution and interpretation of both murine in vivo studies as well as human and murine in vitro experiments related to the discovery and characterization of adjuvants for infectious disease vaccines. Hands on experience in murine in vivo models and in the characterization of humoral and cellular immune responses is required; knowledge of murine infectious disease models and human cellular immunology experience is a plus. Responsibilities of the position include assisting in the development of cell-based functional assays using human and murine primary cells; developing immunogenicity models and establishing readouts characterizing the MOA of selected adjuvants in infectious disease vaccine models. The candidate will be required to work both independently and in a multidisciplinary team setting to ensure timely completion of studies and is expected to present experimental findings at internal meetings and through written reports.

Senior Research Associate (Virology/Arenavirus)

Kineta is seeking a motivated research associate to join a growing team of diverse and dynamic researchers devoted to developing novel and effective therapeutics for treating infectious viral diseases. The candidate is expected to effectively support the completion of scientific milestones related to the characterization of lead candidate small molecule antivirals against Arenaviruses. The candidate will participate in in vitro and in vivo experimental design, optimization and troubleshooting. The candidate will also execute study protocols, interpret data to plan for future studies and generate study reports.

Corporate Paralegal (Part-Time)

Kineta is seeking an experienced part-time corporate paralegal (with the potential to transition to full-time in the future) to support Kineta’s dynamic legal department. The successful candidate will join our legal team to work on all aspects of Kineta’s corporate legal needs including contract management, corporate governance, employee equity, compliance and financing.

Director of Medicinal Chemistry

Kineta is seeking an experienced medicinal chemist to join a growing team of researchers devoted to developing novel and effective therapeutics for treating infectious viral diseases. The candidate is expected to effectively support the completion of scientific milestones related to the characterization of lead candidate small molecule antivirals against various viral pathogens.

Recently Filled Positions

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Administrative Assistant
Senior Accountant
Principal Research Associate (2)
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Director, Business Development


Kineta is a great place to work where exciting science and committed people come together. Our team consists of pioneers in immunology and virology that have made leading discoveries in virus- host interaction and the genomics of immune response. We are advancing this work with the vision of developing novel compounds including treatments for autoimmune diseases, broad spectrum antivirals and non-narcotic pain relief.

Our labs are outfitted with superb infrastructure, cutting edge technology and tools to execute high through put screening for antiviral research. We have also created advanced systems to analyze innate immune response on different viral systems.

Our working environment values diversity, encourages intellectual curiosity and fosters professional growth. We are a team. Collaboration is a fundamental component of our success. Kineta is committed to maintaining a workplace where employees can strike a meaningful balance between work and life.

We demand and deliver the highest scientific and ethical standards in all that we do. Advancing our scientific progress is a priority, including publication in major journals and presentations at national conferences. We also have a lot of fun!


Seattle is a great place to live and Kineta Inc. is located in one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving parts of the city. Our South Lake Union neighborhood is the first to be served by the new rapid transit street car line, which to the south, gives us easy access to downtown Seattle, its restaurants, shops and attractions, and to the north, connects us to The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and beautiful Lake Union Park.

Seattle uniquely benefits from being a cross road that links the lower 48 to British Columbia and Alaska. It is also a portal to Hawaii and Asia. Visitors taste these influences in the unique Pacific Northwest cuisine and feel these connections in the diverse cultural scene.

If you love the outdoors, you’ll love living here. A 45-minute drive offers magnificent day hikes in some of the most beautiful mountains in America. Travel a little further and Mount Rainier, all 14,410 feet of her, is there for shedding the stress of life. World class skiing, sailing, fishing are also readily accessible.

Kineta offers a competitive total compensation package as well as the chance to join an exciting company. Connect with us:

Kineta, Inc.
219 Terry Ave North,
Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98109
Human Resources: resumes@kinetabio.com

Kineta, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Current Openings

Research Associate (Immunology/Vaccine Development)

Senior Research Associate (Virology/Arenavirus)

Corporate Paralegal (Part-Time)

Director of Medicinal Chemistry